Arduino WiFi 1010 and Alexa/Echo

Hi all,

Few years ago I built a blinds automation device out of Arduino Uno that preserved manual operation via existing household switches, providing timed operation for opening and closure, but never actually used the prototype in my house because the number of external parts required would exceed the space I had available, even if I aimed to miniaturise it by replacing Uno with the Nano.

Now I just got a Chinese device which does just the same thing, plus it's connected to Alexa. The only drawback, it actually replaces the whole panel and switches with a cheap plastic panel with one of those hideous touch interfaces with LEDs, plus I can use it only on one blind as it's not compatible with switching plates containing also a light switch. So trying to find a solution, I stumbled upon MKR1000 first and then WiFi1010... so I decided to try again with the latter.

It was really easy setting it up, connecting to WiFi, getting the current time and running a webserver for getting http input for such an easy operation as an on/off toggle.

However I'm now kinda lost when it comes to connecting it to Alexa/Echo. All the libraries and examples I found, which I understand are emulating other existing devices (Philips Hue, etc) seem to work only with ESP8266... for instance, I couldn't find multicast in the UDP library for the 1010.

Has anyone found a way to operate the 1010 with Alexa/Echo yet? Every time I search for a solution, I get to ESP8266 compatible code.

Thanks all in advance for putting me in the right direction.

All the best