Arduino WiFi Developer Edition ... Retired

I purchased the Arduino WiFi - Developer Edition board - from Sayal Electronics in Canada on February 7th, 2018. It was marked as a NEW item in the Store, but I later discovered that it is in the Retired Product section :frowning:

There was very little helpful literature in the box; and I noticed that it appears to have a WiFi Antenna connector ..... but no antenna was in the box. Not knowing if there is an onboard antenna and selector method, I have not yet powered up the board. I know that most transmitter devices fail, if powered without an antenna load.

Can you please help me understand the constraints and usage of the WiFi section.

What is the recommendation with regard to the antenna connection?

Please point me to the best place to get help..... or should I bring this board back and try another WiFi solution ?

I found my answer here ..... so I am sharing it with anyone interested.
Upon close inspection my board has R36 removed, and the literature (link) help me discover which component was the Internal Antenna.

Hopefully I will have it running soon.