Arduino WIFI Logger


I am searching for a way to upload data wirelessly from an arduino that has collected temp, humidity, and GPS data to a SD card via WIFI. I would want this to upload the data to a specific web server whenever it connects to a wifi network and automatically do so without the user having to do anything. Basically, dump the SD card to the server and clear the card. Is this possible to accomplish? Another option would be to use a wired connection that would just need to be connected to allow the data to be dumped and then you can disconnect it. Is this possible at all? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Your first sentence does not make sense. The Arduino that has collected the data can record that directly to an on-board SD card. I imagine both the two options would require a signal to prompt the standard dump file programme to proceed. If there is only one file, and of a known name, it should be straightforward.

Hi there are 2 ways I have used ...
1 Arduino + the ESP8266 module is too easy to use, works with AT commands.
2 Setting the esp8266 module directly from Arduino IDE,
There is a platform called Emoncms to which you can integrate arduino IDE.