Arduino Wifi only works briefly after reset

Hi all,

I have completed a project involving an Arduino Wifi rev2 connected to several sensors. The Arduino is powered on a 12V battery (in a boat) using a step down converter to 9.2V connected between the 12V battery and the 9V battery power input on the board. The Arduino connects to a local wifi network every 1.5 hours to send the sensor output readings to my webserver.

All worked fine for a couple of weeks ago, when it suddenly stopped sending data. When I push the reset button, one cycle of the program works fine, but then it stops again.

I have not changed the code since the time it all worked, the local wifi network has not changed (otherwise even the first cycle would probably not work either...).

In other words, I have no idea what could go wrong, and any input would be highly welcome. To be honest:I have nog yet been able to debug this situation using the monitor. That will be done tomorrow...

How did you protect your board?

Protect from what? If you mean the power input, I was thinking the step down converter should do the job? Or did you mean something else?

As far as I can tell the board as such still works, since it does exactly what it's programmed for immediately after the reset?


Oh, OK... :grinning:
The board is a dry area of a generally dry boat interior. One of the sensors measures air humidity and it rarely went any higher than 60%. So I guess that should be OK. On the other hand, the boat is in a salt water environment, never a good match with electronics...

I'm glad you see my point. Salt is even worse. Look up what happens when car batteries are left attached on a salt water ferry.

Try a different board with the same code and power supply to confirm.

If so, try it in a sealed project box. Perhaps add a reusable desiccant pack too.

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