hello.. i have an arduino project and i need your help. i want to send a text file which includes values from a sensor which is connected to the arduino(UNO) through the wifi shield's sd card (in my case, the cc3000 adafruit with the ceramic antenna) on my pc. the problem is that i have no idea how to do this and what options i have.


johnpadelios1: through the wifi shield's sd card

I don't understand what you mean about sending data "through" an SD card. Do you mean you want to write it to an SD card and carry the card over to the PC, or send it to the PC via WiFi? Where is the data coming from?

i want to send it to my pc via wifi.

i have an arduino UNO. also i have the adafruit wifi shield c3000 and a sonar sensor. these two are connected to the arduino. what i want to do: take values from the sensor, save them in my sd card in a text file(the sd card is on the wifi shiled) and send them to my pc via wifi. thats why i have the shiled. what i dont know is the last part. how to send the text file to my pc (via wifi)

It can be done fairly simply, but you will need some software on the PC to receive and store the data that you send it. Are you comfortable writing a web app to run on the PC which will receive and store the data? Then you will need to write a sketch that acts as a web client, which posts the data to the web app in order to save it. The WiFi library will have examples showing how to do that part. I'm sure you will find plenty of examples of both if you look in the playground, and there is a whole section of the forum dedicated to questions about interfacing w/ software on the computer where you can get help with this sort of thing.

I have no idea how to create an app. :~ . a friend of mine told me to do this with ftp! I dont know if its possible, if i can do this ,but at least i wanna know if its a real option and if an amateur like me can handle this!

It is up to you to decide whether you're going to take your friend's advice, or look at the working examples in the playground showing you what you need to do. Both options are feasible, but both will require somebody to understand how they work. If that's you, you have some learning to do either way. Is your friend going to offer any useful help, or just give you a few buzzwords and wash his hands of you?