Arduino WiFi Project Issue


I have been working on a PCB based on the Arduinio MKR 1010 for my weather station project. I just designed my board based off the MKR 1010 for a small home WiFi weather station.

Yesterday, I built the board and bootloaded it using an Atmel ICE. I used the MKR 1010 Bin file. Then, I tried uploading blink, it worked correctly. Yay!

However, when I upload some code I had written using the Arduino Wifi NINA library to be able to read temperature and weather data, I kept getting the error that the board doesn't see the module....

So, I pulled out my osilioscope to see if there was any signal. However, when I touched each of the SPI connected pads, there was no signal at all.

I am compleetly clueless now, because I had done everything according to the default settings. I bootloaded it with the MKR 1010 bin file, I used the MKR 1010 board files... Everything was exactly the same... And the board has no short circuits.

Do you know if I am missing something? Does the WiFi NINA library communicate in a different way? Shouldn't there be visible signals?

I would very much appreciate help! I feel completly stupid now...

Thanks so much!

I just reuploaded the sketch and this time I see the CS and MOSI pins on high on my oscilloscope. This is very confusing…

Also, these pins went high about 15 seconds after I uploaded the Scan Networks example.

Could anyone help me?

I would very much appreciate it.


Anyone have an idea?


"Anyone have an idea?"

Well, with DIY boards, you are probably on your own.

I'm surprised that you think anyone could help with an issue like this, with no schematics or board layout in hand.