Arduino wifi recommendation

Hi, I just started with Arduino and got my initial prototype up-and-running pretty quickly. I'm now looking to add wifi connectivity to my device. Specifically, I'm looking to push updates to Twitter.

I've seen a number of wifi options, but I got stuck on figuring out the best one to use for me project. Since I'm new to all of this, I'm looking for the simplest option available.

Here are few things I've seen:

BlackWidow - Arduino close with "802.11b wireless baked directly onto the board" WiShield - Shield from AsyncLabs WiFly - Shield from Sparkfun XBee - Requires receiver unit-- prob not the best for me ??

I'd really appreciate recommendations on the best solution for my project. I've been thinking about the BlackWidow, since it's relatively cheap to get Arduino plus wifi in one package, but I'm not sure if there are significant drawbacks there. Again, I'm looking to get something working as quick as possible and I'm new to Arduino.

Thanks in advance!

Mostly curious if any of these options are particularly suited for beginners, especially since I'm not looking at doing anything too fancy (again, pushing updates to Twitter).


I don't know anything about WiFly, but I bought WiShield some time ago and must say that I am very happy with it. It was easy to set up, but unfortunately no support for dhcp as far as I know?

if you want to try other things with you arduino and only have one + you want to twitter all the time i recomment the BlackWidow since you could us e your 'normal' arduino for other stuff

otherwise get a WiShield or WiFly wich covers your needs since they are diffrent.