Arduino WiFi Rev2 not an IOT device?

From Arduino - Products the Arduino WiFi Rev2 is nominated as an IOT device, however now having received it and attempting to connect to IOT cloud I am advised...

"An Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 has been detected but unfortunately this kind of board cannot be used on Arduino IoT Cloud".

Bit disappointing for a newbie and naturally I am cautious of purchasing another device for concern of finding out in anger (after the weeks of waiting for the device to arrive, which is understandable in these times) the limitations of the next device.

Perhaps a big ask, but it would be great if there was a "compare" function so that features of each selected board in a brief summary could be reviewed.

Or perhaps there is an experienced user who can kindly recommend which Arduino devices I should use.

Ultimately for this project, I have a water pump at a location some distance from the storage tank that it is supplying. I want tank level to start/stop the pump, and I want to be able to view the tank level and pump operation from my mobile phone (hence my wanting IOT). I intend to expand functionality, but at a simplistic level, if I can achieve that then I will the backbone to which I can add further functions. I have a UniFi wireless network, hence my preference to use a Arduino WiFi device, but it may be more robust to install a UniFi wireless points the pump location (which a the greatest distance from the WAP) and use an Arduino Ethernet devices. So ideally, if I could be recommended both a WiFi & Ethernet device that are IOT compatible. Robustness and reliability are far more important to me than cost.

I have many years of experience with industrial automation and control system engineering of DCS and PLC systems, but I have no experience with IOT or IT devices such as Arduino. As much as I do require the above described functionality, I am more so eager to learn about IOT.

My appreciation in advance for any assistance offered.


The ArduinoIoTCloud library is the central element of the firmware enabling certain Arduino boards to connect to the Arduino IoT Cloud. The following boards are supported:

  • WiFi: MKR 1000, MKR WiFi 1010, Nano 33 IoT, Portenta H7, ESP8266
  • GSM: MKR GSM 1400
  • 5G: MKR NB 1500
  • LoRa: MKR WAN 1300/131

Your Arduino can be used as a device controlled over WiFi, so I suppose it could be an IoT device, but it isn't supported by the ArduinoIoTCloud library.

As an aside: I never bothered with the "cloud" for projects such as yours, I just expose an Arduino to the internet by opening a port on my router, with appropriate security measures of course.

Thank you ocrdu for your reply and the pointer, I will pursue learning more about exposing the Arduino to the internet.