Arduino WIFI Shield and LCD Display

Hi guys,
I'm doing a school community project which requires me to use both WIFI Shield and LCD Shield however, I think my LCD shield has some conflict with my wifi Shield, from what I've research online I think pin 7 is the result of it help me guys =( =(

This is the LCD Keypad shield I'm using

and this is the wifi shield that I'm using

Hello, I was having the same problem as you. I was using the WiFi shield to display information on an LCD display and I was getting gibberish. This was incredibly confusing until I found your post and another post. The problem I was having, was that the LCD display cannot be connected to pins 4 or 7 because the WiFi shield uses those pins for some data transfer. After switching the LCD pins to 8 and 9 my program worked perfectly.

I understand this post is old, however I want to help anyone who has the same problem as me in the future.