Arduino WIFI shield does not work with 1.5.4 IDE

I have spent a full day trying to get a new Arduino WIFI shield to function. I have tried most of the example sketches without success. For example, the Web-server by Tom Igoe will connect and report an IP address ( but my Firefox will fail to connect. I have completed the shield's firmware upgrade but that didn't change anything.

I read postings on the Arduino Forum that recommended using IDE version 1.0.3. When I did, my WIFI shield worked perfectly.
I have both 1.5.4 and 1.0.3 on my Windows 7 PC. The WIFI shield fails when used with an UNO R3 or a Mege 2560 when using 1.5.4. The WIFI shield works correctly for the UNO and Mega when using 1.0.3.

1.0.3 reports 10742 bytes transferred for the UNO and 12172 bytes for the Mega. 1.5.4 reports 10728 bytes for the UNO and 12108 for the Mega. I suspect something is not being downloaded with the current IDEs that the WIFI shield requires. I have used the Arduino regular Ethernet shield with 1.5.4 without problems.

Is there anything I can do to get the WIFI shield to function with IDE 1.5.4? I need to migrate my project to the DUE which is not supported by 1.0.3.

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Today, I tested the WIFI shield using the 1.0.5 IDE. That did NOT work either. 1.0.5 reported 10790 bytes transferred but the Arduino WIFI shield fails to operate the example sketches in the same way it failed using the 1.5.4 IDE. I then compliled the WIFI Server sketch again with the 1.0.3 IDE and everything works properly as before. 10742 bytes were transferred. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can make the WIFI shield work with the current Arduino IDEs?