Arduino Wifi Shield RC Car


For a college proyect I'm going to build an RC Car, I will use an Arduino, Wifi Shield and Motor Shield, I intend to controll the robot from my computer, as of right now I have figured out how to move the couple of DC motors I'm using.

For motor control I'm having the Arduino plugged into the computer and sending instructions via Serial (I made a simple Processing program to only use 'a' 's' 'd' and 'w' keys for direction like in a video game, and not struggling with the annoying Serial Monitor). I am completely new to the Wifi Shield and I'd like to know how to send information from a computer to the Arduino, I read that you have to set it up as a server or something.

Is the information that the wifi shield received transfered to the arduino in serial form?

What do I need to set up that kind of communication?

Google 'Arduino WiFi' or 'Arduino Web Server'.

I tried, it really didn't get me where I wanted to, any other suggestion?