arduino+wifi shield+router+smartphone

Hi all, I want to see a cam connected to arduino + wifi shield connecting the wifi shield to the router and with a server code to be able to access to the cam through internet with a program in the smarthphone, is it possible?

is it possible?


Someone know how to do it?

Someone know how to do it?

Is there some part of "it can't be done" that you can't comprehend?

You can NOT connect a camera to the Arduino and send data over WiFi to another device. The Arduino is nowhere near fast enough and has nowhere near enough memory.

Ok, i understand now but i only want to resend information received from uart (camera) to spi (wifi) without store or analize that data. I think this is possible. If not i could use a ip cam and use arduino yun to send by wifi data from camera. My problem is similar to:

I think this is possible.

Well, then go right ahead. Wear protective headgear, though, so when you fall flat on your face, you won't be hurt.

Is there some part of "the Arduino is not fast enough" that you don't understand?

Ok arduino is not fast enough but what video quality could i get with the arduino? Maybe not 60fps and 800x600 but 2fps and 320x240… i think it could be possible, what i dont know is the maximum quality arduino could manage.

2fps at 128x64 maybe if you use a Mega and you are a really good programmer.

Use the correct tool for the job. RPi with a camera and wifi dongle.