Arduino Wifi Shield to communicate sensor data

Hello anyone and everyone,

I am having trouble with the actual synthesis of how the to send the data from my Uno using the arduino WiFi Shield (R3). I have a virtual network setup on my computer that I can access with my arduino. However, that is as far I've gotten. I am using MATLAB to recieve the data from teh Uno using the instrument control toolbox interface which will allow me to create a TCP/IP object that is the Uno.

Can anyone please give me a brief run through on what I need to know. Anything and everything would be greatly appreciated. This WiFi shield is much more complicated than what I read on spakfun :disappointed_relieved:.


I'm not sure I am following you exactly, but the wifi shield essentially provides a medium over which you can move data using a few different protocols. Did you mean to say that Matlab can receive the data via a TCP socket? If so, you'll have to connect tp that socket by writing code on the Uno, then you'll have to format the data in the wat Matlab wants to receive it, then send it.

If you can do anything you want, you have many options. You could make the Uno look like a web server and have an http client get the data from the Uno. The Uno could be an http client and do a PUT or POST to a web server. You could open a socket to some other computer and send the data. You could use a protocol called UDP to just shoot the data at another device which can receive it. (TCP can guarantee delivery, UDP can not).

There is even a website, called something like Pachu (I tried to Google it, no luck) that lets you POST data to it, and it will log and graph it for you.

So your question is a bit complex. But basically, once you have the wifi shield working and connected to something, you need to write the code that moves the data.