Arduino + Wifi shield

So i've been having trouble i just got my wifi shield from async

I've followed instructions to the T, multiple times

I even downloaded new arduino 0021... so here's the deal fresh setup Arduino wifishield ontop

Software Arduino 0021 located on C: C:\Arduino\libraries\Wishield

I took all the items found from async download on the examples and so forth not a single example works

In file included from webserver.c:37: E:\arduino-0021\libraries\Wishield/webserver.h:43: error: conflicting types for 'uip_tcp_appstate_t' E:\arduino-0021\libraries\Wishield/server.h:65: error: previous declaration of 'uip_tcp_appstate_t' was here

any suggestions or assistance in setting up my wifi shield

Goal : Web page to turn LED on/off

Then i'll get more technical :) something simple