Arduino wifi sms questions

Hello everyone!

Noob here, and I expect this is an old topic, in general, but I was unable to find any projects that I was able to recognize as exactly what I looking for, or similar enough that all I need do is make a few mods and get what I need rather than reinventing the wheel.

What I need to do is use an arduino over wifi/router to send a text message script to my remote cell phone number and keep sending it at a prescribed interval until I send one back telling it to stop.

If someone could give me a little guidance and direct me to an existing project link or links, ideally the simplest method to accomplish this, so that I can study and start ordering needed parts etc would be greatly appreciated. tia S

To send SMS by WiFi you need a supplier that offers kind of web API to send out SMS. Usually this needs to be a local supplier as cross-country SMS are often prohibited by these services. I'm not aware of a service that work bi-directional (so you can send SMS back) but depending on the money you are prepared to spend this probably exists.

Usually the cheapest way to get what you want is to buy a GSM modem with a cheap SIM card that offers only SMS service (available in some countries). That way you have both directions.

or the router has the SIM card for 4G internet connection and can send SMS from Web inteface?