Arduino+Wifi+Video+USBhost+NFC All-In-One IoT Development Board

Realtek RTL8195AM Arduino Compatible IoT Development Board/SoC

While researching for my DIY project, I chanced upon Realtek’s Ameba 1 development board (RTL8710/RTL8195) and AmebaIoT ecosystem. This board can be programmed using the Arduino IDE and is pin-compatible with Arduino UNO and many sensors and expansion boards. It has a lot more horsepower and features as compared to Arduino boards, and has WiFi, NFC, and USB Host functionality as well.

Detailed example code is also provided for multiple peripherals and sensors on the official website (, such as fingerprint scanners, MQTT, Amazon Alexa and USB camera. ( Ameba ARDUINO: Peripherals & Examples – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions)

There is also a YouTube channel with a few step-by-step video guides. ( Youtube)

It seems like a dev board with a lot of potentials, recommended to those that are looking for a IoT solution.