Arduino Wifi Wireless Module (ZG2100) v1.0

Hello to everyone !!! My name is Christodoulos and this is my first post here...

I have this wifi module:

I followed all the instructions of the seller. I updated the module library and I can't get it to work. I found an error (think I correct it..) because the program is successfully compiled and uploaded.

I'm working with the Arduino ADK Mega and the Arduino 1.0 platform.

hi there, you should check out the async forums, lots of good info there on using this wifi module. - a cool sketch on how to remotely turn an led on and off with a web page... (please note works best with arduino environment .22 )

here is the link to the main forum:

also do a search for wishield here on the arduino forum :) lots of stuff here as well :)

Thanks for the reply Waltermixxx... I checked what you said but nothing that can help me...

The problem is that I can't connect the wifi to the router. I use the Arduino Mega Sensor Shield V4.0 and an IDC cable (SPI) to connect the wifi module to the Arduino.

Do I have to change something on the spi.h (from the asynclabs library) ??? The pins that are used for the SPI connection for example...