Arduino WiFi with ESP8266

I am a newbie with Arduino.
I need help on creating a WiFi working prototype with ESP8266 module. Appreciate if you can provide “Get Started” kind of guidance for Sketch library.

Google broken again?

AWOL, too cool...

I have just started playing with the ESP8266, and it appears, from what you can google, that there are many variations in the command set. I downloaded an AT command list, and some of them worked. I found other command lists with variations. None of them I found anywhere explained error codes. After a lot of head scratching and trial-and-error, I finally got through all the steps to set baud rate, attach to an access point, and connect to a server. Incidentally, if you set up a software serial link from an arduino, and have an ESP8266 with 115200 baud, default, you’ll have to drop the baud rate. (I’m using 9600.) And if you shut it off or reset it, the baud rate goes back to 115200.

So google away, but even then, there seem to be several variations of the ESP8266, with command variations, and really poor documentation at best. Persistence will reward you but don’t expect quick results.