Arduino WiFi101 / UNO not working


Just bought an UNO and a WiFi101 from the US Arduino store. Apparently I'm having problems with the WiFi101 shield.

Environment: MAC OSX 10.10, IDE 1.6.6, Linksys WRT54GL router, the local net is currently servicing 2 wired UNOs and 2 WiFi UNOs (using the older Arduino wireless shields).

My application uses UNOs to both condition signals and run a minimal web server that serves the signal data on demand via http over the local net. It currently does this successfully with 4 UNOs.

I do not suspect problems with the UNO: it ran blink on startup, runs fine as minimal web server with a genuine Arduino wired ethernet shield.

When the UNO is paired with the WiFi101 shield problems appear. The UNO/WiFi101 pair succcessfully runs the WiFi101 ScanNetworks example and finds my local WPA wireless net.

Running the WiFi101 example WiFiWebServer fails. I have populated the SSID and password in the example code. On run, from the serial monitor, I see the expected (from looking at the example code) sequence: Attempting to connect... followed by the output from the printWiFiStatus() function after a connection to the local WPA wireless net is established. The WiFi101 and the router are 6 feet apart resulting in an RSSI of -26dbm. I can ping the UNO/WiFi101 pair from a CentOS laptop on the same net. Using browsers (FireFox on the CentOS laptop and also Safari on the MAC) I get no response from the UNO/WiFi pair - the serial monitor does give a "new client" and "client disconnected" message once when a browser attempts a connection. The serial monitor shows no further activity on subsequent browser attempts to connect to the UNO/WiFi101 pair. After the initial browser connect attempt, further browser attempts time out (Safari: Can't connect to the server, FireFox: Unable to connct...). The UNO/WiFi pair is still responding to pings at this point. Reseting the U/W pair repeats the same thing over again - a single serial monitor message and no response on the web browser.

Has anyone successfully run the WiFi101 WiFiWebServer example with an UNO?

Does anyone have any suggstions?

TIA for your help, Jmario

Replying to my own post...

Based on reading comments about problems with .cc IDE 1.6.6 version, I installed the previous .cc 1.6.5 IDE.

The WiFi101 WebServer example using UNO/WiFi101 pair worked as expected using the .cc 1.6.5 IDE.

I retried the WiFi101 WebServer example using the 1.6.6 IDE and the example failed again.

Based on this I must conclude that the 1.6.6 IDE and the WiFi101 shield combination has problems and that it would be wise to avoid the 1.6.6 IDE when using the WiFi101 shield.