Arduino + Wiimote

I've seen a bunch of sites talking about reading the data off a Nunchuck and even getting the arduino to act as a Wiimote expansion device.

I have yet to find any that talk about actually being able to use the arduino to send info to the Wiimote that the Wii then can actually use (Eg. Emulating a Nunchuck attachment, or emulating the Guitar Hero guitar)

Thanks -Andy

The communication between the Wiimote and the wiichuck is made via I2C. The WiiChuck has a fixed adresse (0x52 I think). If you can have the arduino to act as an I2C device with the same adress, then you'll be able to talk with the Wiimote I guess. Maybe you'll find some more infos here :

Yeah I've gotten all that info.

And attempted to communicate with the WiiMote using this method, but when the Wiimote is actually paired with the Console, there are many more messages that are getting sent to the Arduino then were just described in any article I've seen.

I'm just not sure exactly of the protocol that is being spoken. (Protocol being software not hardware). Like there must be an initial handshake that happens for the wiimote/console to know what device is plugged in.

It looks like there has been no analysis of that done, all the work seems to currently be on the getting a PC to talk to the Wiimote + what not over bluetooth.