Arduino Windows 7-64 Quite Broken Latest Drivers Reinstalled

I've been having constant problems with Windows 7-64. I'm seeing locks on startup, locks on tools menu, and locks on open serial port. Uploading seems to take longer too.

I've tried changing reinstalling the latest drivers from FTDI's site, as well as changing the serial port. I'm still having the same problem.

[I know that Windows 7-64 is a stinking festering RAM-eating pile of bloated NSA-endorsed excrement that became the emperor's new clothes, but I still need to use it for a few things....]

It's a Arduino 1st Gen Mega, and Arduino V22.

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention the above because I got carried away in my ruminating on how MS ....[was allowed to retain an illegal monopoly after stealing disk compression from Stack, Networking from Novel, video software from Apple, and hid system hooks in Windows so that Office....]

Often this is a problem with the way RXTX (the serial library used by the Arduino software) scans for serial ports. If you have bluetooth or other networked serial ports, scanning them can be very slow. You might try disabling any such ports in the Device Manager, at least temporarily to see if that's the issue.

So I can't use a bluetooth port and an arduino on Windows 7? Doesn't that seem like something that needs to be fixed?

(...and thanks for the reply.)

Yes you can, I am using a bt dongle in my Win7 x64. Just replace the rxtx lib with my patched library:

Thanks I will give it a try. I do believe the Bluetooth fighting is the problem. Because Thinkpads have a hardware switch, I found that shutting off the radios, the response was better.

At the same time, I'm install the patch, and if it works, perhaps it should be official. A lot of Arduinos are used for kids and educational purposes and it would be good if people didn't become upset and threw things around the room, pouted, or gave up completely. It also would be bad if the kids did those things, too :)