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I need some advise from someone that tried to connect arduino to a windows app. So far I have tried 2 approaches; Web using http Telnet commands

Both approaches works more or less fine as long as arduino is the server, but this approach is flooding the network and the app with loops because to have the sensors data updated in my app, the app needs to constantly ask the arduino server to report the pin values so I need to invert the logic and make the arduino the client that only reports if some pin value changed.

But the problem is, no matter what service I use (http, telnet, carrier pigeon, smoke), and I can't find a way to code a server in a Windows App capable to receive data from an arduino (multiples ones)

I'm stuck in this for a couple of months so any guidance will be appreciated. :cold_sweat:

There is already a service that does what you want. It goes by various names, on Windows, depending on whether you are using Apache or IIS or ???. On Unix and Linux variants, it's called httpd.

You need to separate the collection of data by the server (so that the Arduino as client can send data to the server only when it has new data to send) from the display of that data by your windows app.


Thanks for your reply. Your solution works for desktop applications. I'm using Windows Universal Apps, those compatible with all windows 10 family such as Windows IoT that is intended to run in a raspberry pi that I want to make it control all arduino's sensors. Is for that kind of app that I'm looking for a server that can listen to all arduino's reports.