Arduino + Windows XP


I recently plugged in my Arduino mega 2560 into a PC running on windows XP. I have already installed the Arduino 1.0.5 software and when I connected the USB, I also installed the relevant drivers. But still, even though the device is recognised, I am having trouble communicating with the Arduino via the USB. I tried to run a few trial codes and things started going berserk but when I follow the same process and run the same codes after connecting my Arduino to my laptop (running on windows 7), everything works fine. So my question is, has anyway faced the same issue before? If yes then do you know how I can solve this? Any sort of advice or comment would be deeply appreciated.


The early XP version of usbser.sys had problems. The first step is to ensure you have the latest (last) XP service pack installed. The second step is to ensure you have the latest (last) XP version of usbser.sys installed.

I believe the first one has to be done by hand. You find, download, and install the service pack (I believe it's "3").

I believe the second one is done through Device Manager. You select the serial port and execute Update Driver.

things started going berserk

It might help to describe what "going berserk" actually means.