Arduino Wireless Headset Network - IMPOSSIBLE???

Hello everybody,
I am an Italian wedding photographer and an Arduino lover from day-one, and I'm looking for someone who can give me THE brilliant idea!

In my job I often need to communicate with my teammates without annoying the guests (especially during the ceremony) so I would like to make a headset network that allows us to talk each other in an easy and neat way.

I've just checked through the forum's topics and I didn't find the answer I was looking for, so I would like to ask your advice!

The 5 key points are:

  • we need 4 headset in a fully connected and full-duplex network: everyone has to talk with everyone else in real time (so transmission delay has to be negligible).

  • the network and power supply has to be wireless, because we are always moving.

  • we need an easy-to-initialize system (sometimes we are rushing).

  • we need about 2 hour lasting power supply.

In your opinion is there a feasible way to achieve it? Xbee? Bluetooth? some RF shield?

I know that there are some pre-built systems, like intercom for bikers. The idea is very similar, but there are some issues (that kind of intercoms has a sound threshold. If there is too much silence it doesn't work, and we cannot shout in the middle of the wedding just to wake up the headsets :confused: !)

Thank you very much guys and sorry for my poor english!

I would think an Arduino is NOT very helpful here..

More research on off-the-shelf product will be your solution IMHO..

Personally, I would not use an Arduino based solution in this case.

How about:

  • Use a Raspberry Pi (or other light weight low power linux machine?) as a Wifi access point and an Asterisk VoIP PBX, create a conference room on it.
  • Have your team members use a VoIP app like Zoiper or Bria on their smart phone, dial into the conference room.