Arduino Wireless Use

Hey Guys, I am new to Arduino and programming so bear with me. Any advice is appreciated.

I am trying to control up to ten 5v servos wirelessly. I only have to activate one at a time for a few seconds. My question is which wireless Arduino board would work best for this. I need to be able to control them whenever i want to so, I believe I will need two Arduino boards and two wireless boards. Will I be able to run different codes at certain times and have the Arduino execute them. I will be well within range with my laptop so no worries there.

Thanks, Star

I have had good luck using NRF24L01+ radio modules. They are pretty fast and you can communicate with multiple devices (Max 7 devices)

I recently ordered a couple interesting devices that apparently allow over-the-air programming of Arduinos along with serial based wireless data transfer/communication, but have not received them yet. If they work as advertised, would probably work here also: