Arduino, wireless?

I need to get my arduino, equipped with a thermistor and humidity sensor, to be able to relay information wirelessly to a base station. I have taken into consideration 802.11, bluetooth, and radiofrequency. I am looking to spend under 80 dollars for this and can not find a solution, any suggestions?

Also, If I have it printing data to serail on 9600 Baud, how would I get it to print to excel and graphed? Noob question I know :D

Hopefully these aren't answered already but I couldn't come up with anything in the search

Well I went ahead and ordered a cheap radio transmitter/receiver, I understand how to transmit but how can I get the receiver to interface with a computer much like the physical serial connection.

And how do I get to print to a text file? I am sure there is some tutorial somewhere or it is easier than I am making it but any help would be appreciated!


Have you seen there is info about both RF & bluetooth in the comunications section.

There is also a bluetooth shield/addon for arduino that would allow you to talk back to PC via a dongle or router.


I'm not sure what kind of RF modules you already purchased, but I would recommend you consider XBee modules. XBees are cheaper than Bluetooth (usually, depending on your project) and they have error correction unlike some of the cheaper RF modules. You could probably set up XBees for about $80: 2 Xbee modules @ $24 each (one for sensor, one for computer) + an XBee Shield for Arduino @ $12 + XBee-to-Computer module @ $20 = $80 + shipping. If you already have a 3.3v USB-serial converter for your computer you can use that instead. Hope that helps.

RF seems like it could be much cheaper though for similar range. I need around 400ft, or as far as possible.

It's still not clear what kind of RF modules you're talking about, but yes, there are much cheaper RF modules than the XBees, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. The disadvantage with many cheaper modules is that they don't have error correction and are limited to low data rates; those may or may not be important to your project.

Well my project consists of simple weather logging. I have an arduino with sensors connected, and need this to relay the data to a text file on a computer 400ft+ away. I have it exporting to a serial lcd currently. I need to do this as cheaply as possibly. The data is simple which is why I think rf is the easiest and cheapest. I still don't know how to get the data into a txt file even :/ is it something like Serial.print(filename.txt) or something

I still don't know how to get the data into a txt file even :/ is it something like Serial.print(filename.txt) or something

Your computer will be receiving the serial data and outputting a text file (probably a .csv would be easiest); how your computer creates the text file will depend on the computer you're using and what program you'll be using on the computer, not any command on the Arduino. In Linux you can just pass the serial data to a text file from the command line using something like ttylog.

perfect I will be using linux for the final product! thanks!