Arduino + WiShield + Motor Shield

Im new when it comes to Arduino, and as Ive search the websites that talk about Arduino, Im really intrigued with its capabilities. Thus, I have decided to take on a project that seems to be right up Arduino's alley. I just hope that it can handle everything I'd like it to be able to do.

The project involves 3 major factors: movement, taking data, and using a wireless communication.

First, the arduino needs to power 2 DC motors to be able to make a tank body move forward, backward, turn left, and turn right. (Seems to be pretty easy with code pasted elsewhere on the motor shield).

Second, the arduino needs to be able to move an actuator/servo 45 degrees max up and down at the touch of a key. (Again, seems to be easy from previous code from others)

Third, the arduino will process data that will be taken from a solar cell attached to the actuator/servo lift, process the data into a CSV file, and paste it into Excel... wirelessly. (Might be a bit tough, but with a little help, it could be doable).

I have purchased the Arduino Board, the WiShield (wireless communication), and the Motor Shield. If someone believes that another module would be better to use, then let me know.

I believe I have seen enough code to ensure that most of what I want to do can be accomplished. What I would like from everyone (that's willing to submit) is ideas on how they would do the project.

Once I complete the project, I will paste my ENTIRE code(s) for everyone to see and utilize at their convenience.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from people.


My consern is you may have too much going on there for a single Arduino to handle it. You motors alone will take all of the digital IOs and PWMs. So you would have no way to interface the WiSheild with the board. You may have to use 2 boards on this. One for the motor shield and the other for the Wishield and have them comunicate with eachother.

Just a thought. I’m as mcuh a noob if not more so then you are.

How would I do the project?

You've made a good start by dividing the challenge into different problem areas.

I'd pick one problem, and solve it as a stand alone problem.

I'd repeat that with the other problems, until I had solved them all.

Then I'd spend a weekend fishing, bowling, playing cards, anything but coding.

Then I would start all over, using what I had learned about the individual problems, to integrate the problems into a cohesive whole.

Then I'd spend a weekend fishing, bowling, playing cards, anything but coding.

Finally, I would start all over again, using what I had learned about the previous integration attempt, to create a more elegant solution.

You motors alone will take all of the digital IOs and PWMs.

Not all, but too many: the motor shield uses some pins that the WiFi shield needs.

It may be possible to get around that by doing cuts and adds on the motor shield board, but I’d recommend looking into one of the motor controllers that runs off I2C or a serial interface. Especially given the number of complaints there have been from mobile robot builders about the limited current capacity of the motor shield.