Arduino WiShield RC Car

I'm pretty sure this is the right area. Forgive me if it's not.

I have been looking on YouTube and around these forums for a way to combine the Asynclabs Wishield 2.0 and an Arduino. I thought it was easy as just plugging everything in and then I started reading... this guy uses an L293: Arduino WiFi Car - Arduino, Wishield, Android device, Nikko RC car - YouTube, this guy who hijacked the control chip after reading its data sheet, and then there is this guy who decided to replaced everything with an Arduino RC Car Controlled by Arduino and Xbox360 Controller - YouTube. I've also seen people hijack the controller part and send commands to the controller that then sends commands to the car. The latter doesn't seem to get as long of a range, though but it does seem a bit easier.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips? Do I need the L293 or some other chip to run the motors? I'll be using an Android app that I've found in doing research to control the car and would eventually like to use this as a base for robotics later (nerf dart gun, webcam, etc)

As always any and all help is greatly appreciated.