Arduino with 5 magnet sensors to open lock

Hello forum, Just want advise to see if this is something I would like to pursue. I'm getting into Arduino, and I have been researching Arduino using magnetic sensors. I know it can be programmed and done, but I'm wondering my project is too complicated for me just starting out.

Can you let me know the difficulty level of this project: I'd like to setup up an Arduino that will use 5 magnetic sensors. I know that they can be set to sense N or S. What I'm looking to do is to have a servo be used as a lock. When the board senses that all 5 magnets are in place (with respective poles), it should unlock (move servo), and hold open for 10 seconds. With me being very new to this, would this be too difficult for me to handle just starting out? Thanks in advance for help and advise. Much appreciated. :)

The problems are more mechanical than anything else.

Hall effect switches could perform the detection.

You only get 2^5 ie 32 'differs' this way - is that enough?



ps An old sci-fi article I read years ago proposed a 'thermal' lock - a tube in which temperature sensors detected the multi-sectioned cylindrical key, each of whose different sections would be at a different pre-defined temperature. The lock is easy - the key is NOT!

That'd be hard to forge! (and build)