Arduino with an M5451 led driver

A quick video of something I did a while ago (ignore the scruffy looking bloke).

Unfortunately the video does not show the colours of the leds which are a random mix of red, blue & white. There are 640 leds, switched in 32 groups of 20 and the whole thing only takes three pins of the Arduino for the clock & data lines to the M5451 chip & one for the interrupt input from the handle. The outputs of the M5451 are buffered with pnp transistors to increase the current capacity and also changes the outputs to current sources instead of sinks. This exhibit seems to be very popular with young kids, as does any display with a handle that they can try and turn at supersonic speeds.


that is a really nice Project. Did you use the M5451 to make each color light for itself?

Im having some M 54517 P IC's here... are that the same that you used? Or did i make a mistake when ordering these? ;)

if they are the right, could you post some schematics of your Project?

Thank You! :)

I like this thread. It ought to be made a sticky and a must read to all newbies

I didn't expect to see this pop up again. The M54517 chips are [u]not[/u] the same as the M5451 led driver chips that have been posted about on this forum before so my schematic will not be much use to you.

The whole point of the M5451 (for me) is that it uses serial data input so this sort of thing is very easy to do, and uses very few pins to achieve good results.

Each output of the chip is used to drive 20 leds with colours that were selected at random while they were soldered into the circuit. The colours look a bit more impressive in real life than they do in the video.