Arduino with ANT+

I am a software developer trying to learn about hardware. I am currently working through "Make Electronics" by Charles Platt to learn the basics about electronics.

My goal is to develop a power meter which conforms to the ANT+ protocol. From what I understand (I apologize for my ignorance) I need to use a microcontroller and have it communicate according to the ANT+ protocol.

My question has to do with where I go after finishing my current book. Would Arduino be useful for me when the goal is to sell a commercial product? Would another path be more beneficial? Any suggestions would be helpful?



hmm... it could be but arduibo id not the solution for a commercial product you could purchase only the microcontroller and solderup only the necessary components it would be commercially viable
anywyays what are you trying to make ? :wink:

Thanks for the info. I am trying to make a power meter for a bicycle. You can Google the company named Quarq to see a similar product.

Any microcontroller suggestions or good books to start with?

I have looked into the cost to go with ANT+ and it is something I am comfortable with.

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Thanks Richard, this is awesome info. I can tell this is a great community already.

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First of all I have to tell that I am a fan of Arduino and I am a fan of ANT+ as well. My blog and my Twitter contains a lot of about ANT as well like:

ANT the coin cell battery powered WSN (wireless sensor network) - Free webinar . If you like you can listen as well.

Qualification cost comparison:

The Arduino is easy to use, but is maybe inverse to the low power protocol ANT. Ardunino´s are optimised for cheap and easy use. Anyhow, one of my customers is using the Arduino with the mentioned GSM / GPS shield at and my friend will redesign the two boards (Arduino + Shield) in one PCB. The software will be written by my customer and the redesign of the hardware will be done by him.

BTW, it will be not to complex to wire the ready to use ANT module listed at to your Ardunio.