Arduino with Arduino via bluetooth


I hope some of you smart guys can help me with a task I’m trying to do for an small project.

I have an Arduino (A) with some sensor (e.g. speed) and a second Arduino (B) with an joystick and LCD (to show the speed).
What I’m trying to do:

A receives data from B-joystick // (B-joystick sends data to A)
A can also send data to B-lcd // (B-lcd receives data from A)

Something like this, where A and B can communicate via bluetooth.
DCmotor <----- (A + Sensor) <-------> (B + Joystick + LCD)

I hope you guys understand this and let me know if you need any more information.
All tips and guides are helpful. Tanks!

Hi Nick_Pyner,

Thank you! Already seen that blog, also via this:

I'm tyring to understand if this will work with an HC05-module, maybe just grab some tips and see if this is possible at the moment :)

And as I said before, any tips or guides will help me!

ValDaHus: I'm tyring to understand if this will work with an HC05-module,

I don't think it will.

I believe the problem is that, while the HC-05 can be configured as master, it does not have adequate commands to do this. If it can't talk to another HC-05, you would have to wonder what it can do as a master.....

The simplest solution to do what you want with an HC-05 is to use an Android phone. This might help

Hi again,

Ahh, I see... then I guess I can make it work with the "BlueSmirf BlueTooth" only. Thx again for your help and the link to that PDF-file.

If you have any other ideas please let me know and again... thank you :)

Why not considering xbee instead of blue tooth. If you use two cheap series 1 xbee modules you can make them talk to each other, or AKA wire replacement. I have bluetooth modules and just haven’t got the time for a master module yet. xbee, on the other hand, can easily form network to reach each other (not series 1).

The set up to connecto two radio modules is very easy for xbee. Each needs the address of the other and then they establish connection after they power on. You don’t need to send command to them from arduino.

Hi liudr,

Have been reading somethings about these Xbee, but I'm not really sure what is needed. As I understand, if I want to use a "Xbee" module I also need a "Arduino Wireless Shild"

I found lots of modules on ebay but not sure how they work and what else is needed. Sorry for all the beginner questions :)

Ahh, I see… then I guess I can make it work with the “BlueSmirf BlueTooth” only.

You may find you only need Bluesmirf for the master. Once the connection is made, bluetooth is bluetooth, and I guess an HC-0x will suffice for the other.

I’m a bluetooth fan but I would be inclined to go along with NRF24 or similar alternatives for Arduino<>Arduino as they are better supported around here, and cheaper than Bluesmirf.

To do arduino to arduino communication using xbees, you need:

2 arduino wireless shields (arduino official shield is the best for many reasons, over sparkfun's xbee shield) Find it on ebay if you want to save some money but I don't recommend going with a different design.

2 xbee modules. You can get two series 1 modules but for future-proofing your purchase, you may consider two series 2 modules

Series 1 (easier to user as direct wire replacement): I recommend the first two with 1mW, with antenna already on board.

With series 1 modules, right out of the box you will see them connecting to each other already. You can configure them later once you understand them better.

Series 2 (slightly less easy to use but more capable, network together) I recommend 1st and 3rd 2mW one with on board antenna