Arduino with debbug option

I’m coming from c# world so I’m used to have debugger. I’m looking for Arduino version that allows me to debug but I have a problem – I found that Arduino zero Pro have EDBG but in all stores it is unavailable – I wrote to one store and they told me that this item will not be available anymore. Can somebody tell me is there any new model – or is there any other models with debugging option available to buy.


I’m coming from c# world so I’m used to have debugger

Then learning to work without one will introduce you to some useful new skills.


I like responses like this – very helpful and specific.

I'm coming from c# world

Don't be afraid - you can still be saved.

The Arduino Zero has EDBG. It is currently available from the Arduino Store if you have your location set to "Europe/Africa". It's sold out right now in the store when you have your location set to "America/Asia/Oceania". I'm sure some of the Arduino distributors have the Zero in stock:

The Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 has mEDBG, and has similar availability issues from the Arduino Store.

Keep in mind that even if you get hardware with debugging capabilities, the Arduino IDE doesn't provide any debugging functionality so you'll need to use something which does, like Atmel Studio.

You could get a Microchip Xplained 328P Mini
It's really close to being Uno Compatible, and has the mEDBG debug chip on board. Cheap, too.

Note that the Arduino IDE does not include any debugger support.

(Sigh. I wish Arduino would get their manufacturing and distributor relationships back in order. It's been "a while", and it's worrisome.)

Finally some answers I was waiting for. Thanks.

Microchip also currently has their low end debug tool, the Snap, on sale
That will permit debugging a wide range of avr, sam, and pic chips, though perhaps requiring some creative wiring to connect some arduino boards.