Arduino with HC05 Bluetooth module gives strange values

Hey guys,

I'm using an Arduino Uno with HC05 Bluetooth Module to control a robotic base with some grippers works by servo motors.

I was looking for an android program which has directions and other switches on the screen to control the base and the grippers.

I've found a program but it sends more than a single bit value to the Module each bit is an independent value sent in a independent stage . so it's very hard to control it.

do you suggest any other android application ? or there is a way to combine the 3 or 4 values of the single button into just one button ?

thanks in advance :wink:

this is the application used

I think your title is misleading, and HC-05 is innocent. It just sends the data it receives, and is not responsible for your bad coding. You probably need to read up on "serial input basics"