Arduino with Headphones

im trying to connect the arduino with bluetooth headphones so is that possible or what i think using HC-06 will works

so is that possible

Not likely. If you were able to pair the Arduino with the headphones, how do you propose to send the data that the headphones expect, at the speed that they expect? Sending audio data over the serial port is not likely to produce meaningful results at the speakers.

what do you mean ,,, nothing will works ?? im trying to connect it send sounds yes ,, so no solution ??

send sounds

What, exactly, does that mean? Headphones contain speakers. They are, in general, not serial devices. Serial is usually meant for small amounts of data. Speakers expect huge volumes of data. To transfer the large amount of data required, bluetooth headphones, or speakers, do not connect to a serial port, as your bluetooth device will (assuming you are talking about using a bluetooth device with an Arduino).