Arduino with HomeEasy light controller (Preparation)

Hey guys,

I'm waiting for my order of Arduino Micro & 433,92MHz transmitter.
I've already got the Home Easy light controls receivers (& 1 receiver) ...

I've been searching on forums if its possible to let arduino control the lights through HomeEasy.

My question:

Has anyone been succesfull to replicate one of the wireless light switches of HomeEasy with Arduino
(I've got a HE862 light Switch of HomeEasy)


not really a reply to my question...

I'm talking about newer light controllers...

Did HomeEasy change the protocol ? I think those are compatible.

I've read that the newer Home Easy light controllers use different protocols than the old ones. Something with different amount of bits that are transmitted.

But I think I've found a solution.

In case the Home Easy library doesn't support the transmissions of the light controller. I'll use the "InterruptChain" from Fuzzillogic (fuzzillogic / 433mhzforarduino / wiki / Home — Bitbucket) to duplicate the transmission of the Wireless switch.

Also found @ Rogier's Tinker Projects: Control lights with an Arduino remotely with 433Mhz

But thanks for the reply :wink: