Arduino with LCD display to show notifications + post topics in the forums

I just finished program that will show notification for Arduino forums, new topics or new replays.
What I want to do is to connect Arduino to LCD display and make it show all notifications from the forums + post topics "of course not spams :sweat_smile: "
I finished

  • serial port communications part
  • program
  • API "still working on some filters"

I didn't made Arduino code yet "I am giving this opportunity for newbies"
If someone interest to Join me in this project "for education purpose" to know how exactly, serial ports and Arduino can work together just let me know.
and of course your name will be on the program too "open source program"

What Arduino will post exactly! depending on what people needs.
I have allot of ideas like made a weather stations, the forums will collect the weather from different countries then show the data below members name, well that's depend on Arduino community and the webmaster.

If you have other ideas you can share it here