Arduino with LED strips

I don't know how to post this in other areas here, please move it if needed. So here is my question:

I have two 5m reels of 6803 led strips.These strips have a four wire connector coming out both ends. There is black, red, white, blue. After looking at the strip, I noticed it only has three conductors, marked 12V, DIn, Gnd. So upon looking closer at the end connectors, I see that the red wire is cut and not connected to anything. What the heck is with these? I tried using the 6803 controller with no luck. They won't come on. So, I would like to use one of my Arduinos to control them, but I have no idea how to hook them up. There is only three working wires. No CLK wire. Can you help me with this? I know I am missing something.

Link to said product please?

The older versions of the FastLED library (formerly FastSPI_LED) support that led driver.