Arduino with low level bluetooth protocol access


I'm wondering if the following is possible: i'd like to set up an arduino board with a bluetooth module where I can have access to low(er) level bluetooth protocols --specifically I'd like to run a BT inquiry and retrieve a list of BT devices in range with their BD_ADDR and (if possible) their radio link strength (to estimate distance).

What I DON'T need to do is actually transfer data or establish links between BT devices, I just want to know "who" is in range.

While searching I found lots of info on arduino BT shields/components that have direct serial port access to BT serial connections, but I don't know if these would allow the lower level BT access I need.

Now I don't want to implement the whole BT stack, of course ;)

Ideally there would be some arduino compatible BT shield with a nice driver stack that allows access to the BT link control inquiry function and return the results.

Any information and/or links to hardware/sw that meets allows that functionality that would be greatly appreciated.


any info on that would be great, even if it is only a definite "doesn't work" from someone knowledgeable, as I won't pursue this option anymore then... ;)

Look more closely at the BlueSMiRF modules. While they emulate serial ports, they generally have an AT-command that lets you interact with it at a lower level.