Arduino with Maxbotix LV-EZ1 ultrasonic sensors

I read this tutorial and the writer said that it can be used on Max LV-EZ1. I just wanted to know which pin on the EZ1 is equivilant to the SIG pin on the PING sensor ?
here is the datasheet for the EZ1:
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The easiest to read from an arduino is from the pin labeled "AN" (analog) which will give a voltage proportional to the distance detected. Just analogRead it and calculate the distance based on the info on the datasheet.

#define apin 0

void setup(){
void loop(){

Yes I did that but the values wasn't so accurate.It was more accurate when I used to use the Axon.

the code works , but I get some noise,
like low values mixed with high values

I was able to smooth out some of the noise using an averaging loop. See here: