Arduino with microphone sent to bluetooth headset

Hi, I just recently got an Arduino and have done very basic tinkering with it. I was exploring how I could interface a microphone to it and use a bluetooth shield with it - I would like to transmit speech from the Arduino with microphone and bluetooth shield to a bluetooth earpiece.

Has anybody done something similar ? any recommendations ? microphones ?

Thanks in advance

hi, I tried something similar but can't give you many expectatives as far as I know using bluetooth with arduino you are forced to do it through the serial port

supposing you get the audio signal directly from an amplified micro, what you should do is read an analogue input fast enough to sample the signal (it depends on the quality you want but sounds weird under 8kHz)

besides that, you have take into account the processing time (not too much if you just read and send it) and that you will need another arduino to decode what you get from the serial through the bluetooth