Arduino with motors charged with a small rechargable battery?


I am using Ardui Mega ADK (later Arduino Nano 3.0) which runs a bluetooth board (Sparkfun BT mate silver) and a motor via an H-Bridge. Both use the 5V PIN of the Arduino.

Now I am looking forward to replace the 12V-external-DC-power-supply with a small rechargable battery. It should just have a view cm of size. Also the battery should at least hold 1-3 hours when the bluetooth device is connected.

What rechargable battery can you recommend. t should be small and powerful. Also I am not sure how the connect these batterys, LiPos etc. They should be connected to the VIN Pin of the Arduino but in fact they have some white PINs or very thick wires. What kind of adapters do I need to connect them to the Arduino?

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You need to measure your average current consumption to get an idea of the capacity you require. You
also have to decide what method to use to generate 5V (a DC-DC converter from the bettery voltage to
5V is the most flexible way and avoids the energy loss of the on-board linear regulator).

What rechargable battery can you recommend.

I recommend the unobtainium battery. It is the only one which meets your requirements.


unibtainium means I can not buy this? :)

Can you give recommendations?


I tried:

  • A 9V Alkaline BAttery. This works pretty good. But a 9V battery is not optimal. I would prefer small AAA accus.
  • A very small LiPo with 110 maH and 3,7 V. This does not make the bluetooth board get powered, but is enough to power the Arduino Nano 3.0 alone.

So can 5 Volt be enough? As I read a LiPo a very light weighted and small. Especially the size is important. How much voltage the Arduino Nano3 + Bluetooth Board + 3,5V motor will at least need. What do you think is the beste solution? I would prefer a rechargabele accu but if not possible batterys can be finde as well.


best regards.