Arduino with Processing 2.0b9 or later

Hello, this is a general question regarding the use of the Processing-Arduino libraries to allow communication between the two, I am aware that there is a problem with the library when running the Processing Application on a version greater than 1.5.1, mainly involving the error code of:

"IllegalAccessError: tried to access class processing.core.PApplet$RegisteredMethods from class cc.arduino.Arduino$SerialProxy"

I know that the beta versions of Processing all seem to result in this error, I was wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on how I could alter the .java files to allow this library to interface with the Processing core as it did on the stable 1.5.1?

I would settle for the 1.5.1 but many Processing libraries have already been updated to the newer versions, for my specific application it would surely be simpler to alter this library rather than changing many lines of code and using older libraries?

If anyone has any ideas as to how I can change the libraries to be accepted by a later version of Processing (Preferably the latest 2.0b9) it would be greatly appreciated! :)