Arduino with Pyrhon

Is there a way to installed python compiler to Arduino IDE


And Python is an interpreted language, not a compiled language.


You can install microPython on esp8266 boards like Wemos D1/mini. I've not done this myself but know of others who have and liked it. If you do that, you are no longer using an Arduino board or the Arduino language or IDE, so this forum may not be able to give you much help with your projects.

Also you should know that when using MCU boards and running Python code, compared to C/C++, it could be 20 times slower. Best not to use it with projects where speed is important.

Bitlash is another interpreted languge, it runs on Arduino. Will that do it for you?

"Bitlash is an open source interpreted language shell and embedded programming environment for the popular and useful Arduino.

The Bitlash interpreter runs entirely on the Arduino and interprets commands that you type in a terminal window or send programmatically to the serial port:"

bitlash here! v2.0 (c) 2012 Bill Roy -type HELP- 942 bytes free
> print "Hello, world!", millis()
Hello, world! 11939