Arduino with RC522. Level shifting

First post, be kind!!

I have an Arduino UNO and have just ordered a RC522 RFID module to use with it. However, I have read on these forums that using one with logic levels of 5v can fry it..... I have seen posts where the circuits just wire the RC522 directly into the UNO...and some say it can work.....but some others say it works for a while, and then stops.

So, to be safe, I have been looking around for some kind of logic level changer. My first thoughts were to use a 4 channel bi directional board...., image attached. I have ordered one....however I have since found an 8 channel one.... image attached.

I am thinking to go for the 8 channel one, even though I only need 4 of those channels for an RC522... THis is because I should be able to solder the LV contacts directly to the header pins of the RC522... and the 4 HV pins can be connected the usual way to the arduino.

I also purchased a 5v to 3.3v step down power chip, which I think I can also solder directly to the lv/gnd of this part...

Is there anything else I should be aware of?


What did you end up doing for this? I am struggling with this too.

Currently I am running 5v to it and its working fine. However I would like to run it at 3.3v

I split the voltage with resistors. However when it was under load the voltage dropped to 2.1v. So i was looking into the level shifters.