arduino with servo motor !

Hi guys Do you know where or how would I get a code to control a servo motor (5v) to stop on incremental angle like 90, 180, 270 and more because I just got to make the servo motor to work with my adruino board but i couldn't stop it in the positions that I want, and my programming knowledge is not that good =(

any help will be appreciated guys thanks

If it's a standard servo, you just tell it to go to a position, and it goes there:


If it's been modified to a 'continuous rotation' servo then it isn't really a servo any more - it's a variable speed motor controlled by pwm. In that case, just as with any DC motor, there's no way to know what the position is unless you add sensors to tell you, but if you know how fast the motor is going to move and you know where it's starting from then you can get it roughly right by timing the movement..

Thanks Peter :)