Arduino with SIM7100E

I have 3G/4G sim card and I want to send data to webserver using Arduino and any SIM module.

First I bought SIM800L but I had a problem with getting IP address from my operator. When I read .PDF file from SIMCOM for 800L I saw that this module can not support 3G and 4G sim card (only 2G).

Now I want to buy another module SIM7100E which can work with 3G and 4G, but is it possible to comunicate with Arduino?
Should I install some special libraries if is possible to comunicate with Arduino?

If anyone is competent please write me a few words to explane me.

best Regards!


Did you get any help? did you achieved what you planned?

Can you share any info.


Please I have the same problem, help.


I have the same problem, there is no any sample code for help all document from simcom for sim7100 or sim7600 are not well understanding as the way we used for sim800 or sim900.

I am try use POST or GET with HTTP/1.1, not working error 400 bad client. Try used FTP either put or get file send it to SD card not working well.

If anybody have solution please share it.