Arduino with water flow meter and temperature sensor

Hi everyone ! I have one proyect in mind,it's for school.I already had been "Playing" with one Arduino Uno,some leds,protoboard,and some basics sensors like the hc-sr04.But my objetive now it's different. :slight_smile:
I want to make a program with basic controls of Water,for that i have bought to things:
-One temperature sensor (Ds18b20)
-One water flow meter (yf-s201)
I know how to program both,and how they works,but my problem is how to connect both at the same time,Do i need a special protoboard ? With electronical components do i need for that ? :confused: My problem it's just with the sensor parts,for the programming i have more practice ajjajajaj
Thank you so much,and have a good day :smiley:

your questions is unclear, please tell me what do you do, what your code , your can tried of your project.
how i can help you if you don't try it sir

I want to connect both sensors to one protoboard,it's just that,i don't know to make the connection.I already use they but separate,not at the same time,which is what i want to do.For the code i will look later,first of all i want to have the physical part solve.
Thanks dude for answering

You may be doing the same thing as me but you need to post the code. Read the readmes, use </> tags. You don’t even say if the flow meter is for flow or rate, and I believe the difference is important.