Arduino with wifi and Bluetooth low Energy


I am looking for an arduino board able to communicate through both wifi and bluetooth 4.0. Is there a specific arduino model available? I would like to design some kind of BLE Gateway able to scan and broadcast information via BLE to Bluetooth devices like compatible mobile phone.

I have found this piece of hardware: But I read it only supports Peripheral (Slave) role operation so I am not sure it would fit the kind of purpose I am looking for.

There probably isn't a standard arduino with both wifi and bluetooth. I don't know whether Arduino Yun is on the market yet, it's the first arduino with integrated wifi. Arduino BT is equipped with a bluetooth module.

An arduino is capable of working with both wifi-module and bluetooth though, so it is possible to make some sort of bluetooth gateway.

You can use one of the boards mentioned and add the second module/shield, but you could also use a standard arduino, wifi shield/module (or even hacked router) plus bluetooth shield/module.

The HC-05 bluetooth module isn't too expensive by the way and is configurable as master or slave. Googling "Arduino TP-link TL-WR703" may be interesting if you want to add wifi for a few bucks.