Arduino with x10 power line? Arduino with RS232?

Has anyone used the arduino with an x10 powerline module before? If so, do you know how exactly you got it to interface.

There is a claim that it is an rs232 connection, which I vaguely understand. So from that standpoint, does anyone have any pointers.

Sorry for being so vague, I can get more specific if needed, I just don't want to burn ideas before I hear them.


After realizing that we had a c290 controller module, I have decided to mess with that.

It has a 5 pin connection on the back (old style large DIN), 3 of which allow serial communication (input/output and ground).

Now, it uses a special style of communication apparently, and me being more of a novice, haven't gotten around that point yet.

If anyone else wants to help take a crack at this or share some knowledge, I would appreciate it very very much.

here is the manual with the information: